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    Hi everyone, I have always wondered this and am hoping I can have a confirmation of whether I am using this phrase in French correctly.

    In English, when I want to indicate to someone that I'm eagerly or happily (it's a positive sentiment) awaiting their reply, response, email, letter, phone call, etc., (basically the next bit of communication from them), I will say something along the lines of, "I look forward to your call" or "I will look for your reply in August."

    In French, I often simply say, "J'attends votre reponse" or "Je vais attendre votre courriel en août."

    But I always wonder if it has the same context in French, or if it sounds too pushy, etc. If someone could weigh in on what the appropriate equivalent to those English phrases would be in French it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Mauricet Senior Member

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    Yes, J'attends votre réponse does sound a little pushy, I think. Slightly less so would be En attente de votre réponse (just before signature), which is more neutral. I don't know how to convey the positive side of waiting a reply ...
  3. Charlie la malice

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    En attente de votre réponse works in a formal context, but when writing to a friend I would say J'attends ta réponse avec impatience. In the context of a phone call, I would just say J'attends ton/votre appel.

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