waive its public reading

Pavel Pin

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Judge Foxman questions defendant Nicholas:

JUDGE FOXMAN: Has the defendant seen a copy of the indictment?
NICHOLAS: Yes, Your Honor.
JUDGE FOXMAN: Do you waive its public reading?

What is the meaning of "waive its public reading"?
I know waive means lose something, here it refer to copy of indictment, so judge asking did Nicholos lose the power to read his own copy of indictment to public?

Source: Molly's Game 2017
  • Egmont

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    Normally, the indictment must be read publicly (aloud, so anyone can hear it). The defendant can insist that it be read publicly. If the defendant waives its public reading, it means that he agrees to not having it read publicly. This is a way to save time.
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