Waiver of Competitive Bidding

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A Waiver of Competitive Bidding may be requested for any one of the reasons listed below:
Sole Source There is not another company that provides similar goods and/or services to the requested purchase; the goods or services have differentiation that make it unique in design, performance or use specifications. Example: It is determined that only one distributor for a region has exclusivity and has been designated by a Manufacturer.

What is meant please by "Waiver of Competitive Bidding"?
Source: Instructions for Completing a Request for Waiver of Competitive Bidding
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    The university probably has a requirement that its purchasing department has to invite bids from various (competing) suppliers before deciding on a particular supplier. In some cases the department may ask for this requirement to be waived and to be allowed to choose a particular supplier without arranging a bidding process.
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