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HI this is Inouez

In the Economist, 16th June version, in the article of " Taking flight ", there is a sentence as follows.
A set of rules known as "part 107", issued by the FAA in August 2016, specifies the conditions under which drones can be used commercially; previously commercial use had been allowed only with a special waiver that was costly and time-consuming to obtain.

in this sentence, I don't understand the " waiver "
Because " waiver " s meaning is supposed to be like, throw something away or abondon something or giving up the right to use something or to keep something.

Why commercial use of drones are allowed by this " waiver " ?

Hope some kind person will help me out.....
  • Inouez

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    HI Mr Keith Bradford

    This is Inouez. thank you for your prompt reply.
    I understood that The law waives the control, and not users.

    Then it made sense for me...... gotcha.
    exception to a regulation.

    ultra thanks !


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    In a way, it's the same meaning. If you get a waiver, you can (figuratively) "throw away" the normal laws and follow a different set of rules.
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