wake up coughing


When we paraphrase the next sentence, I wonder if the next sentence is "1" or "2".
Last night I woke up coughing.

1. Last night I woke up with coughing
2. Last night I woke up because I was coughing.
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    I can't think of any sentences where wake up with is followed directly by a gerund-participle.*
    But you can wake up with a cough or with a running nose.

    *on its own
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    I think we can guess from the context that I woke up because I was coughing. However it is possible that I woke up for some other reason and just happened to be coughing.

    e2efour and I have answered from a different point of view. Can you make it clear precisely what you are asking?


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    Yes, it is a participle clause because it gives more information.

    Last night I woke up.
    Because I was coughing.

    Last night I woke up coughing.:tick:
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