Wake up, you sleepyhead!

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  1. cils New Member

    how do you say that in french? it refer to someone i love..so its just some cute things to say to wake him up..
  2. la grive solitaire

    la grive solitaire Senior Member

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    You could say Reveille-toi, followed by a term of endearment like chouchou, chéri, mon chéri, mon coeur, mon âme, mon trésor...
  3. cils New Member

    so i just have to say..reveille-toi chouchou...is that right?
  4. mollisha

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    If you say it playfully, I think you could say "réveille-toi, gros endormi". Or how about "marmotte" ? We say "dormir comme un marmotte". For some reason, we think of "marmottes" as a very sleepy animal so that would work here because it is also cute.
  5. Nicomon

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    I agree that « marmotte » as in : Réveille-toi, petite marmotte is cute.
    I actually suggested it myself in this similar thread. :)

    Edit - copied from the thread I just linked to :
    That might work here as well, if it's said playfully.
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