walk along /down this way/road (?)

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Hello everyone,

I've made up a situation and would like a native speaker to tell me if the underlined sentences are correct:

John lives not very far from his office and always walks there. Every day he follows the same route to work. Would it be correct for him to say: "I know this way/road very well. I walk it every day." :confused:

Or would it be better to say "I walk down / along this road every day"?

Thank you.
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    Thanks a lot, Mr.Copy. I still have a similar question after reading your comments.

    Let's say a group of friends have finished dinner and we were about to go separately. Some going north while some other directions. I want to tell someone I'm going a specific way home, can I say:

    I walk this way. (Perhaps by pointing out which way.)

    Thanks a lot
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