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    what is the difference between walk-on part and supporting artist? Do they both refer to actors with no spoken lines?

    Thank you.
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    A supporting actor (usually not an artist) has an important role, just not as important as the lead actors. He or she usually has many lines.

    An actor who has no spoken lines has a walk-on part. One also hears cameo appearance, but a person who puts in a cameo appearance (usually a famous person, either an actor who usually has much bigger parts or perhaps a person who is well-known for some other reason) may have a few lines.

    A walk-on part differs from an extra in that an actor in a walk-on part does something that the audience is expected to notice. An extra is simply a member of a crowd, or is in the background of a scene, and isn't necessarily a trained actor.
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    It's a very helpful explanation. Thank you very much.

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