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    What expressions do you use in your language to say that a certain place is within walking distance?
    To put it in a context, we can work on the sentence: My school is within walking distance.

    In Turkish we can say:
    — Okulum yürüyüş/yürüme mesafesinde. (My school is at a walk/walking distance)
    — Okulum iki adımlık mesafede/yerde. (My school is at a two-step distance/place)
  2. apmoy70

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    Merhaba Rallino,

    In Greek we say:

    «Δυο βήματα» [ðʝo 'vimata]
    lit. "two steps (away is omitted)"
    «Ένα τσιγάρο δρόμος» ['ena t͡si'ɣaro 'ðromos]
    lit. "a cigarette away (i.e. the time it takes to smoke a cigarette)"
    «λίγο πιο κάτω» ['liɣo pço 'kato]
    lit. "shortly down the road"

    My school is within walking distance:
    «Το σχολείο μου είναι δυο βήματα»
    [to sxo'lio mu 'ine ðʝo 'vimata]
    "my school is two steps"

    «Το σχολείο μου είναι ένα τσιγάρο δρόμος»
    [to sxo'lio mu 'ine 'ena t͡si'ɣaro 'ðromos]
    "my school is a cigarette away"

    «Το σχολείο μου είναι λίγο πιο κάτω»
    [to sxo'lio mu 'ine 'liɣo pço 'kato]
    "my school is shortly down the road"
  3. Maroseika Moderator

    Russian :
    An object is в шаговой доступности, lit. in pace availability.
    An object is в нескольких шагах, lit. in few steps.
  4. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    gångavstånd - walking distance
    Det är gångavstånd till centrum - There is walking distance to the centre
    Skolan ligger inom gångavstånd - The school is (situated) within walking distance
    Vegetarisk restaurang på gångavstånd - Vegetarian restaurant at walking distance
  5. arielipi Senior Member

    מרחק הליכה merkhak halicha - walk(able) distance.
    מטחווי קשת mitkhavey keshet - an arrows distance after shooting with a bow, archaic today.
    מרחק יריקה merkhak yerika - spit distance.
  6. sakvaka

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    Kouluni on kävelymatkan päässä kotoani. My school is at a walking distance from my home.
    Kouluni on kivenheiton päässä kotoani. My school is at a stone's throw from my home.
  7. ThomasK Senior Member

    (near) Kortrijk, Belgium
    Belgium, Dutch
    op wandelafstand (at walk-di-stance, af-stand)
    op een boogscheut (at a bowshoot)
    op een steenworp (at a stone throw, lit.)
  8. Grefsen

    Grefsen Senior Member

    Southern California
    English - United States

    gangavstand -
    walking distance

    Sentrum er i gangavstand fra leiligheten hans.

    The City Center is within walking distance of his apartment.
  9. ahmedcowon Senior Member

    In Arabic:

    مسافة خطوتين /masāfat khatwatayn/ (two-step distance)

    بُعد خطوتين /bo3d khatwatayn/ (two-step distance)
  10. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    In Tagalog, walking distance is "sandaling lakad lang". So " My school is within walking distance" is " Sandaling lakad lang ang layo ng Paaralan ko".
  11. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    We use that too (considered archaic nowadays):
    «Μια πετριά απόσταση»
    [mɲa petri'a a'postasi]
    lit. "[at] a stone-throw distance".
    And another one:
    «Μια ανάσα μακριά»
    [mɲa a'nasa makri'a]
    lit. "a breath away"
  12. Ёж! Senior Member

    Usually two steps: «в двух шагах». As for «шаговая доступность», I have never heard that. :eek:
  13. luitzen Senior Member

    Frisian, Dutch and Low Saxon
    In West Frisian:
    -De skoalle is tichteby, dû kinst wol te gean.

    Meaning: The school is closeby, you can go to go.

    dû kinst te gean literally means you can to go, or, in proper English you can go to go. The expression te gean means to walk (ik sil te gean = I will walk). te gean is the second infinitive or 'goal form' of the verb gean (go) preceded by te. gean can only mean walk if te plus the second infinitive is used, otherwise it never does. Of course te gean can also just be used as the second infinitive of gean (I haw gjin nocht om te gean = I don't want to go).

    wol (Dutch: wel) is a modal particle and means the opposite of English not. To sum it up, dû kinst wol te gean means that the school is indeed at walking distance and that you really don't need a bike or car to get there.
  14. luitzen Senior Member

    Frisian, Dutch and Low Saxon
    This is very interesting as it seems that the expression seems to be very similar to Frisian. What is the Norwegian word for go then?
  15. DearPrudence

    DearPrudence Dépêche Mod (AL mod)

    French (lower Normandy)
    In French:

    Mon école est à deux pas (de chez moi) (literally: My school is at 2 steps (from my place))
  16. Grefsen

    Grefsen Senior Member

    Southern California
    English - United States
    The Norwegian verbs å gå and å dra can both mean "to go," but å gå is generally used to mean "to walk."

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif]If you want to write "I will go to the beach" and "the beach is within walking distance" (stranden er i gangavstand) then you would write "Jeg skal gå til stranden."

    However, if you do not live within gangavstand you would instead write "Jeg skal dra til stranden."
  17. Sempervirens Senior Member

    Quelli della mia età direbbero '' Ad un tiro di schioppo''.
    Ora che ci sono meno schioppi:) in circolazione si dice ''A quattro passi''.

    Un'altra espressione che userei è '' Dista poco''. Notasi la forma coniugata dista dal verbo latino distare (il sostantivo italiano è distanza).
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  18. SuperXW

    SuperXW Senior Member

    within walking distance

    In Chinese (PRC Mandarin standard):

    Formal style:

    Colloquial style:

    Both means: "walk can reach"

    We can also casually say "走两步就能到" in Chinese which means "walk two steps then you can get there".
  19. ilocas2 Senior Member


    docházková vzdálenost

    v docházkové vzdálenosti
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  20. ThomasK Senior Member

    (near) Kortrijk, Belgium
    Belgium, Dutch
    So at a gun shot, at four steps, at a short distance, if I understand well...
  21. Sempervirens Senior Member

    Precisamente, Thomask, eccetto l'ultima espressione, Short distance, che la tradurrei a seconda dei casi con le espressioni italiane , 1) (a) breve distanza; 2) poco distante.

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