walks funny [adv/adj]


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The following sentence is presented in a syntax book as correct:

The roadrunner walks funny.

(Syntax: A Generative Introduction, Carnie)

I found the use of 'funny' odd. Please shouldn't it be 'funnily'?

Thank you!
  • The example can be seen here "Syntax: A Generative Introduction", Carnie

    I have seen several explanations of this, most of which revolve around assuming that "funny" is a complement of the verb "walks": I remain unimpressed, and agree with you that either (i) the sentence is irregular/non-standard or (ii) adjectives can qualify verbs.
    "Funnily" exists, mainly in the set expression "funnily enough", but it would not be used in your sentence. It doesn't seem to be used as an adverb with the meaning "in an odd way".

    So I think "funny has to be used as an adverb to fill that gap. It wouldn't be used in formal English though, and nor would "She looked at me funny".