Wall wart

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    Term: Wall wart

    Your definition or explanation: One of the power supplies that you plug directly into the wall and then plug a small wire into an electronic device. It lowers the voltage from 110/220 down to 3-24 volts. Picture

    Example: It has an internal power supply, so you don't need a wall wart.

    One or more places you have seen the term: Amazon review of a gigabit switch.

    Have you looked for this term or meaning in dictionaries, and not found it? Yes __X__ No ___
    The Amazon page was the first time I'd seen it, and it was so funny, yet obvious, it deserves recognition:D.
    If mods don't think it's appropriate, delete away. 601,000 hits with Google.
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    It's ok - we don't count a wikipedia entry as meaning that a word has become too "mainstream" to mention in this forum.
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    I know :)
    It was just another example of "wall wart" in a more detailed context.

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