Wann das Wetter nicht zu schlecht ist

In the pronounciation of 'schlect' in the following
sentence, '
Wann das Wetter nicht zu schlect ist'
my computer is pronouncing 'schlect' without the 't'
at the end. However on a Dutch audio cd vocabulary
disc I have they are clearly pronouncing the final 't'
in the word. Is it correct to pronounce it in German?


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  • sokol

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    Austrian (as opposed to Australian)
    /t/ is pronounced, and I cannot imagine any context where it wouldn't be pronounced.

    Context here is of no relevance; there are some accents where final /t/ is pronounced with no audible release (like in English; Austrians may speak like that) in which case you might not notice the /t/ even though it is pronounced, but this wouldn't apply for this phrase anyway.
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