Wanna be strong, but in vain. Advise me, please.

Muhammad Khatab

Senior Member
Classical Arabic
How can a person be filled with life and then be empty? Where does it all go? Will the unknown be something satisfactory to the extent that you'll forget all about the one thing that once made you full of life? Or you're still on your way towards emptiness and soullessness? Is it considered to be life or death? I think that coming through all these memories is the only straight way to vanish physically and spiritually. But you can make a life of your own in the process of trying to forget. So are you strong enough to make that part in your head a real cripple in life? And even if you're that strong person, you'll find that your brain has nothing to do with your emotions. It is all about the heart, the only part of your body upon which you've no control. Actually, your brain is a slave of your heart, and this what people do not understand; they do believe that the brain is the remote control, but all of a sudden it comes to be the receiver. That's to say, your heart is the controller. But does your brain forget? And if, what about your heart? In fact, your brain does forget, but your heart does not. And I can not escape these memories 'cause it is all about the heart.
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