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emre aydın

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1. I want these gifts sent to every member.
2. I want these gifts sent every member.

Which one is grammatically correct?

I suppose the first one is. It also says "sent to every member" in the subtitles, but it kinda sounds like the actor isn't pronouncing the "to".

What do you think? Thanks for your help.
  • Egmont

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    English - U.S.
    You're right. The first one is correct. If someone is speaking informally, and as rapidly as native speakers often speak, the "t" of to can merge with the final "t" of sent, and the "o" can seem to merge with the initial vowel of every.


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    USA, English
    When speaking quickly the "to" almost gets swallowed and is hardly heard. You need the "to" for it to be grammatical.

    Some of what we "hear" is actually reading lips. But the "t" in "sent" already shows the lip movement so that works against hearing the word "to" also.


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    Do you want gifts (plural) sent to every member? If not—if each member is to receive one gift—then you should say:
    I want one of these gifts sent to every [or each] member.
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