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Hi there,

Andromeda’s story will wrap up in a single game, so don’t go expecting a new trilogy. “At the end of this, we want it to feel like a story has completed,” said BioWare creative Director Mac Walters. “Yes, for the universe, there’s much more you could explore, and we want to tease that, but it feels like its own story.”

What does "tease" means in this sentence?

Thanks in advance
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    A previous sentence says:

    Specifically, it’ll [=the Andromeda story] be self-contained, albeit with the potential for further new stories in the Andromeda galaxy to be told.

    They will finish the Andromeda story, but there are other stories that might be told about the universe in which the story takes place, and they want to hint at those other possible stories to make people interested in hearing more about them. I would say that they want to use these hints to 'tease' the people into buying (or participating in) future games. However, I think this use of 'tease' meaning 'to use something to raise people's interest' is becoming more common.


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    I wonder if it isn't to tease = to pull apart or separate the adhering fibers of (wool or the like) tease - WordReference.com Dictionary of English. When you shear a sheep, the wool has to be separated into strands so that it can be woven - this is done by gently pulling small amounts from the fleece - This is called "teasing the wool" when done by hand.

    To tease can be used figuratively - instead of pulling out strands of wool, the story is "there’s much more you could explore, and we want to carefully extract stories from that mass of possible stories."
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