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Abel is my friend. I invited him to be a guest of my English Corner last Saturday. My English Corner (a place for students to practice English) mains consists of children and some teenagers, but Abel is an adult, his English is good. At my English Corner, there's a game called role-play the conversation, this means a few of the participants would make a group and talk to each other in English. When I was dividing the students into groups, I said:

Who wants to be with Abel?

(I want to see who's brave because we Chinese tend to be shy when it comes to speaking English. And they are not shy when talking to me because I use Chinese sometimes, but Abel doesn't use it at all, he's not Chinese.)

I wonder if it's natural to ask the question?

Thank you so much.
  • lingobingo

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    I don't think that applies in BE, by the way. I've never heard "group with" used like that. We would tend to use it passively: Some of the children were grouped with Abel (= The teacher grouped some of the children with Abel).
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