1. Phantom-E Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    I couldn't find it:

    “The effects will ware off soon,”

    What's the meaning? Thanks!
  2. JaNitti9486 New Member


    The phrase wear off means to diminish, or end gradually so that whatever was affecting you (medicine, etc.) will no longer work.

    Hope that helps!
  3. colombo-aussie

    colombo-aussie Senior Member

    Spanish - Colombian
    ware or wear?

    I guess this mean the same or has been misspelt.

    Muy pronto los efectos irán desapareciendo poco a poco
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  4. T-ching Senior Member

    Greater Buenos Aires
    Argentine Spanish
    Phantom-E, I agree with JaNitti. If you've seen it written, it was probably misspelt (as both ware and wear would sound the same).
  5. Phantom-E Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    To everyone:

    Thanks a lot for answer. I found it writted, so probably it's misspelting. What you said about the meaning is logic.


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