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  1. futaro Senior Member

    Please, what is the meaning of "waren" in this sentence:

    atama ga waren bakari ni itamu.

    and why:

    "itamu" instead of "itai"?

    Thank you for your help.
  2. fitter.happier

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    〜んばかりに means as if.

    The verb here is 割れる, to break (intransitive). ん is a contraction of ぬ、an archaic form for ない.

    割れる → 割れない → 割れん+ばかりに

    Literally, the sentence means: my head hurts as if it were about to break.
    I suppose you could use the adjective 痛い if you wanted. However, given the formal/written style of this piece of grammar, the verb 痛む seems more suitable (but that might just be me. Wait for native speakers to comment on this point).
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    all perfect!

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