Warfare and disaster has/have created destruction

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Thuy Nguyen 1975

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I was wondering if the following should be treated as singular or plural: Warfare and disaster has/have created destruction for disabled people in the global South. I treated "warfare and disaster as uncountable nouns and thus selected "has" - but wonder if you would go for "have"? Please advise! Thanks.
  • Rhye

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    While it's true that "warfare" and "disaster" are both considered singular, two singular verbs linked by "and" must take the plural verb.
    1) Warfare has caused destruction.
    2) Disaster has caused destruction.
    3) Warfare and disaster have caused destruction.

    Also, you didn't give the context of your sentence, so I don't know if it's applicable to advise on this but the phrase "created destruction" is a bit of an oxymoron, and (if the sentence is your own), you might want to phrase it in a less ironic way, e.g. "caused destruction".


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    Welcome to the forum, Thuy Ngyen!:)

    Warfare itself is a disaster I think. Maybe you mean "natural disasters" or "other disasters"?
    I agree with the other posts; you need a plural verb.
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