warm up your wrist

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I think "warm up your wrist" has two meanings:
In context 1 it means "make the temperature higher";
In context 2 it means "limber up" .

1. This exercise is a little more intense, so it's a good idea to warm up your wrist with a heating pad for ten minutes before doing it.
( How to Tell if Your Wrist Is Sprained wikihow.com)

2. If you don't warm up your wrist properly, you can hurt them. So, go and take your nunchuck. Put it on one hand, and just go back and forth. Just really loosen it up.
(Tips on Doing a Nunchucks Warm Up ehow.com)

Am I correct? Thank you.
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    Yes. Note that in 1) "up" is an intensifier. You could leave "up" out without really changing the meaning very much. "... it's a good idea to warm your wrist with a heating pad..." In 2), "up" is part of a phrasal verb "warm up". You cannot leave it out without changing the meaning to "apply heat."


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    You're right that 'warm up' can be to do with temperature or limbering up.

    In your examples, they both refer to 'limbering up', but one of them actually suggests 'increasing the temperature' as a way to limber up.

    Of course, the meanings are closely related, as warmth usually makes joints more flexible and easier to use.
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