warmest/finest/dearest congratulations


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Please accept our warmest/finest/dearest congratulations!

I think it's "warmest" here but I sometimes hear people saying "dearest" too, so which is it?
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    Can I also use warmest in a baby card for an American friend of mine who is a new dad?

    Dear X! My warmest congratulations on the birth of your baby boy.

    Please accept our warmest congratulations! sounds a bit formal to me (but maybe I’m wrong), so I’m wondering if warmest can also be used in a more casual setting between friends.


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    Yes, it can be.

    I doubt a native speaker would ever use "dearest." It sounds like a direct translation from another language where the standard adjective used with congratulations has this literal meaning in English. This is one of many situations where translating an expression word for word doesn't work.

    In informal situations, however, you can also use "heartiest."


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    Heartiest sounds nice. :) Would warmest be possible in an informal setting as well or is warmest always formal?

    (Sorry, I wasn’t sure if “Yes, it can be“ refers to warmest or to “please accept…“ )
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