'warrant' the way their partner left?


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I'm reading 'Rules of Love'

<(1) Mostly, the partner who is sure they are the injured party
was responsible for taking their partner for granted. (2)Okay,
maybe on paper that doesn't warrant the way their partner left,
but people who feel trapped often manufacture some kind of
explosive way to get out of a relationship.>

Let me try to understand this.

The person in a couple who injured the relationship is responsible
for taking their partner for granted.
There is no 'warranty paper' in this world that protect you from the loss when your partner left. So, some people don't know how to do and
make a parting(divorcing) ugly.

If I'm right...What has (1) something to do with (2).
I can't see any relationship between two.
In first sentence, the author says "The bad party is responsible for what
he/she did." In the second sentence, he says "Some people make
a parting ugly because they don't know how to do.

Please help me.
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    Warrant here means "justify" or "provide adequate grounds for" (have a look at dictionary definitions). "On paper" is a figure of speech, meaning something like "in theory" or "when looked at logically": there is not an actual piece of paper. Warrant and paper do not go together here.

    So, you might rephrase this as follows:

    "... maybe in theory that doesn't justify the way their partner left (the partner's actions in leaving) ..."

    Hopefully from this, you can make better sense of the whole text.
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