Wart ihr schon einmal tauchen

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    hello there,
    I can not understand the grammar of the sentence "Wart ihr schon einmal tauchen?"

    I guess the following sentences are correct:
    Ihr seid getaucht.
    Ihr wart getaucht.

    In a film I also saw the subtitle "Wart ihr eigentlich tauchen?"
    It's really confusing.

  2. Schimmelreiter

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    This grammatical phenomenon is called absentive: It explains why you are "absent". Somebody asks you on the mobile phone, Wo bist du?, and you reply, Ich bin einkaufen. Its similarity to the English progressive form is obvious.

    The absentive, i.e. sein + infinitive, is possible with verbs with which also gehen + infinitive is possible:
    tauchen gehen/sein
    schwimmen gehen/sein
    eislaufen gehen/sein

    Ich bin eislaufen gegangen/Ich bin eislaufen gewesen.

  3. perpend

    perpend Banned

    American English
    ihr wart = past = you guys were
    ihr seid = present = you guys are

    Wart ihr schon einmal tauchen?

    "Wart ihr" is inverted, since it's a question.

    Were you guys ever diving?

    That's not idiomatic American English.

    We would say:
    Have you guys ever been diving?
    Have you guys ever gone diving?

    I forget to mention that it's likely about scuba-diving.

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