was all still and solitary: save for the shadows...,it was but a long pale line, unvaried by one


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The quotation comes from Jane Eyre Chapter 25

Quotation: “I will run down to the gates: it is moonlight at intervals; I can see a good way on the road. He may be coming now, and to meet him will save some minutes of suspense.”

The wind roared high in the great trees which embowered the gates; but the road as far as I could see, to the right hand and the left, was all still and solitary: save for the shadows of clouds crossing it at intervals as the moon looked out, it was but a long pale line, unvaried by one moving speck.
Hi everyone! I don’t quite understand the bold part. I try to interpret it as below. Is it correct?

Still => 3 a : CALM, TRANQUIL b : free from noise or turbulence
Solitary => 2.2 Of places: Marked by solitude; remote, unfrequented, secluded, lonely

At intervals => [At intervals], while turning over the leaves of my book
Hi Irelia
It's the 'time' meaning here: the idea is "from time to time" or "intermittently".

All => She had been all animation with the game
She was not "animation" she was "all" animation, which is slightly different. I cannot think of a matching example to tell you, but it does not sound uncommon to me.
It certainly means she had shown a lively demeanour during the game.
She was all smiles, perhaps? To be all + noun.
But => only
Save for => save for
This use of "save for" actually has the meaning of "except for" or "apart from".
The whole sentence => …was tranquil and unfrequented all the time: it was only a long pale line; apart from the shadows of clouds crossing it from time to time when the moon looked out, no moving speck changed the road's appearance.
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