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    The quote below was written by an Algerian lesbian living in Paris. I’m having trouble understanding the bit in italics. My suggested translation doesn’t seem to fit well in this context. Please help.

    Ich habe meist viel Abstand zu den Arabern genommen. Weil ich mich nicht wie sie fühle. Klar, als Lesbe gibt es einen Riesenunterschied zur Welt der Meisten Araber. Was die Franzosen angeht, die rechne ich, erlich gesagt, nicht richtig mit. Ich habe vor allem im Verhältnis zu den Arabern Distanz hergestellt.

    My suggestion: Which I reckon, to tell the truth, doesn’t really concern the French. Aber welche Franzosen? Ist meine Übersetzung möglich?
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    Well, another translation (more or less litterally) is: "In terms of the French, to be honest, I don't really include them in my considerations." Your proposition also captures the sense of the German sentence.
    I strongly suppose the French the author is talking about are all "real" French, means all French who don't have an Arab background. But the sentence looks a bit deplaced indeed. I think the author intends to say that the "world" the French are living in isn't that different from the world of a lesbian like the Arab one, but still, it looks unusual to me to exclude the majority of a society from the minority and not the other way round. I would prefer to say that a lesbian can have a good life in France, but needs distance to the Arab culture. But obviously the author saw it a little bit different.
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    I could also mean:

    Regarding the French (with Arab roots), I don't really count them (as Arabs).

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