was engaging her imagination

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I’m noticing it in older generations, too. Just the other day, I witnessed a woman walking outside on a beautiful morning with her head down, reading a Kindle. Meanwhile, the natural beauty of her surroundings was going by unnoticed. While it’s true that she was engaging her imagination through the book, her brain was missing out on a different kind of stimulation—the kind you can only get when you allow yourself to truly appreciate the natural world we’re all apart of.

(This comes from utne.com The Lost Art of Doing Nothing by Christian Williams on Sept. 6, 2014.)

I know 'engage' means 'to attract, involve', but does the blue part here mean 'she put her imagination in the book'?

Thanks in advance!
  • velisarius

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    engage to attract and hold fast:[~ + object] The book engaged my attention.

    Here the girl herself is seen as actively doing the engaging, but it's the same idea: her imagination was involved and absorbed and being used, as she read the book.
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