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Source: Utah Driver-Handbook-2018-2019 Page31 Utah Driver-Handbook-2018-2019

The population growth in Utah has resulted in an increase in the number of vehicles using our freeways creating more frequent congestion and unpredictable travel times. Ramp meters help prevent slowdowns and “stop-and-go” conditions that freeway travelers frequently encounter at certain times of the day. There are currently some ramp meters along the Wasatch front.

What does "front" mean?
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    "Front" in this context basically means "line", especially a line that comes up against another line. A military front is a long line of troops from one side that are up against a long line of troops from the opposing side. A cold front in a weather forecast is a long line of cold air moving into an area with warmer air.

    It sounds like the Wasatch Front is a reference to a long line of cities (and people) up against the line of the Wasatch Mountains (the Wasatch Range).
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