wash out

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Georgia and her friends were supposed to come to the party dressed in funny costumes, but only Georgia did and so looked a laughingstock. Her friends are justifying herself why they haven't dressed up as were to. Georgia to one of them:
- Jas? Cheese and pineapple stick?
- Well, the cheese made me look fat and yellow washes me out.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, movie

What meaning of the verb 'wash out' is suitable for this context:confused:
  • JustKate

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    Yes, it's suitable. "Washes me out" means, more or less, "the color doesn't suit my complexion." It usually indicates that the person thinks the color makes her complexion look pale and colorless.


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    The term "wash out" is often used in theatre lighting, with the 'pale and colourless' meaning that Kate mentioned. Make-up, costumes and scenery people have to be careful not to use colours that will be 'washed out' by stage lighting. Lighting people have to plan the colour gels (or LED colours) used in lighting to avoid that effect.

    The term comes from the literal sense of clothes fading through being washed.

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