waste wool/shearing wool

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  • Kelly B

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    WordReference Rule #5: Provide an example sentence to show the context, whenever possible. Additional comments on the application for technical terms are strongly suggested.
    Are you sure, by the way, that it isn't shearling wool?


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    Waste wool may be an industrial by-product, also called fly waste. Shearing wool ? I've never come across that one.
    I await context and sample sentences.

    María Madrid

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    I didn't include any context since I understand it is a specific kind of wool with a specific name, which is what I'm looking for. Of course I can figure out what that can be, yet I can't make up the name myself. Anyway, I'm including part of the text, as you requested. Thank you very much for your suggestions. :)

    There are four elements that make wool rugs shed:
    - short fibres
    - low friction
    - waste wool
    - shearing wool

    Waste wool increases shedding and makes the wool yarn difficult to dye. Waste wool can be sorted out before spinning to achieve higher quality wool.

    Shearing wool
    Pile rugs can be sheared in the finishing process to obtain a smooth and even surface. During the shearing process, the rugs are vacuumed to remove loose fibres.

    Even if I can more or less figure out what it can be what I need is the Spanish name for this, not something I made up myself. Thank you for your suggestions. :)


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    "waste wool" is the wool that is considered of lower quality for whatever reasons and is discarded.

    "Shearing wool" refers to what they do to the rugs after they are made. They "clip" , "trim", "mow" the rags, so that they become smooth.

    Does this help?

    Kelly B

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    Agreed. Judging from the context, shearing wool isn't a type of wool, it is a process.


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    There is a problem here, and Kelly has pointed it out.
    Shearing wool, in the few hundred search engine examples I browsed, is a process, and not a noun. However, in the sample text María presented, it is used as a noun.
    I would take it, in the example, to mean the wool that is cut from a rug or carpet during the shearing process.

    Waste wool has two distinct meanings, either of which could fit hear-
    1- inferior wool from sheep, accumulated during the shearing and processing of the wool;
    2- waste from the processing of wool, and the manufacture of capets and rugs.
    Based on the sample text, I think it is (1) as used here.
    I'll send a possible SP translation by PM, as this forum is English Only.
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