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    Hola Boa tarde, Eu estou novo aqui e espero que este é o caminho certo para fazer um post.
    Eu estou procurando um pouco de ajuda aqui. eu só falo um pouco de Português e estou tentando escrever uma bandeira que precisa ser clara e curta.

    I do not know how to say “waste” in Portuguese. If you speak Spanish I would like it to have the same meaning as “Malgastar”.

    So far I have come up with Disperdicer. I believe this has the meaning I want, but am not sure.

    What I want to say is:
    Não disperdice sua vida.
    Busque a Jesus
    Por você mesmo
    Leia o novo Testamento

    Don’t Waste your life.
    Seek Jesus
    All Alone
    Read the New Testament.

    My other concern is “All Alone”. I wanted to use sozinho, but I fear it has too much of a lonley feeling.

    Thank you for any help and advice.
  2. LuizLeitao

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    That's almost correct, just observe that waste is desperdiçar (and therefore you should write desperdice instead of "disperdice")

    Concerning all alone, you're right, and "por você mesmo" is okay here.
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  3. Vanda

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    Português/ Brasil
    Welcome to the forum, Abraão. :)

    We do have a dictionary above that may help you with simple words. Click here.
  4. Abraao

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    Bogota Colombia
    Thank you very much for the help. Thats great :)
  5. Abraao

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    Bogota Colombia
    Thank you Vanda. I am excited to find this post as I am intensively learning Portuguese and have just purchased tickets to travel to Sao Paolo in July. I plan on using the dictionary a lot. Thank you.
  6. Nonstar

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    A more colloquial way to say it would be "Não jogue fora sua vida/não jogue sua vida fora". Just in case you might want to know.

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