watch paint dry off a nun's crack

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    Hi! :)
    I'm having some trouble with a sentence I've found in a movie, which I am trying to translate.
    Character N.1 doesn't want to take part to a sort of trial which has been called and character N. 2 tries to convince him, by telling him that his participation is compulsory.
    That's what character N.1 says:
    "You expect me to drop everything for that? Spare me! I'd rather watch paint dry off a nun's crack."

    My attempt:

    Ti aspetti che io molli tutto per questo? Risparmiami! Preferirei guardare la pittura (?) asciugarsi (?) ...

    I'm sorry, but I have no idea how to finish the sentence. I understand that this is another way to explain that character N.1 doesn't want to go to the trial, but I really don't know how to translate it.
    I thought that maybe it was an idiomatic sentence, but I cannot find it anywhere.
    Thank you very much!
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    ‘I'd rather watch paint dry’ is idiomatic. Watching paint dry is proverbially boring. The rest is a colourful addition to suggest that it’s even less appealing: the crack would be the crack between the nun’s arse cheeks.
  3. Emily_Le_Strange

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    Understood! :rolleyes: Thank you very much!!!

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