Watch shrill as Scaramouche

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The thing is that I am not sure whether Dinah and Fanfreluche are watching at Scaramouche or like Scaramouche, since I am lost in this line: "Dinah with scarlet ruche,/ Gay-plumaged Fanfreluche, / Watch shrill as Scaramouche/ in the huge house of glass/ ("Mandoline", by Edith Sitwell), thanks a lot.
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    It can only mean that they are shrill in the way that Scaramouche is, because "as" never means "at", and Scaramouche is not a place. If you mean "watching Scaramouche" (note: not "waching at") either. Shrill is not adjective, and wouldn't go with "to watch" in any case, as watching doesn't make any sound.

    Scaramouche is a clown from Italian commedia dell'arte. He is likely to be referred to as "shrill" as he was boastful and conceited: very likely to be "loud" and annoying, I should think.

    The characters appear to be watching (something not mentioned) whilst being shrill: as shrill as the character of Scaramouche.
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