Watch store vs clock store?

  • Aardvark01

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    British English (Midlands)
    It can be either:
    "watch shop" - 363,000 hits on Google
    "clock shop" - 181,000

    Once we would have said the 'Clockmaker's Shop' - but they are now rare due to electronic and mass produced clocks and watches. These days when I need a watch/watch strap or repairs done I go to a Jewelers.


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    US, English
    Agreed. For cheap watches and clocks, you go to a mass retailer or discount store. For nice watches or watch repairs, you go to a Jeweler. For nice clocks, you generally go to a nice furniture store.
    There is a Clock Repair Shop in my area, but they are uncommon, and the gentleman that makes the repairs does this mainly as a hobby.