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I'm working from two years of Latin and two years of Italian in High School, compounded by several classes in conversational Spanish during my employment years. So, please bear with me. :)

Come se dice "Watch Your Step!" in Italiano?

If someone could help me with this translation, I'd appreciate it.


  • carloB said:
    Come se dice "Watch Your Step!" in Italiano?

    "(Stai) Attento (al gradino)!"
    "(Stia) Attento...!"
    "(State) Attenti...!"
    "(Fai) Attenzione (al gradino)!"
    "(Faccia) Attenzione..."
    "(Fate) Attenzione..."

    In its literal meaning the phrase is "Attento al gradino!" but if the meaning is "watch out" just omit the "al gradino".

    A very common colloquial way to say "Stai/state/stia attento/i!" is the impersonal "Occhio!" (=eye :D)
    "Occhio al gradino!"

    Ciao, Walnut
    I'm wondering if you were not thinking of "watch your step" while dancing? Because in that case you need a different expression.
    Attento al gradino I thought was translated by "Mind the step" and not watch YOUR step. What's "YOUR" for?
    Dipende... hai mai sentito la canzone Yankee Doodle?

    Yankee doodle, keep it up
    Yankee doodle dandy
    Mind the music and the step
    And with the girls be handy.
    I think what best translates Watch your step is "Attento (a dove metti i piedi)". I think Spicy is right in saying that "Attento al gradino" would have been Mind THE step and not YOUR :rolleyes: .