water is leaking / water is leaking out


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The washing machine was leaking, the water was running out of the washing machine, my wife shouted:

1 The water is leaking.
2 The water is leaking out.

I think 1# was wrong because it sounded like the container was leaking, but water was not the container. 2# was correct because it used "out" as a modifier to the word "leaking".

Am I correct? Thank you.
  • sdgraham

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    Neither is of much use without knowing what is leaking.

    If your wife is standing over the offending machine and pointing at it, it doesn't make any difference which one you use.


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    If she's standing next to the offending machine and pointing at it, and you're there too, I imagine she'd say, "It's leaking!" If she's calling to you from another room, I think she'd shout, "The washing machine is leaking!"

    It's the machine that's leaking, not the water; the water is running out as a result of the leak.
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