Watertight Bulkhead

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My son has to research about the wonderful things B. Frankling made and invented during his life. We came to learn that he "invented" something called Watertight Bulkhead. Since I am not a native speaker and my son is only 7 years old, we don't know the meaning.
Could you give us a clue?
For more context, our source says Watertight Bulkhead for ships.

Thank you
  • CAMullen

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    I didn't know that was invented by Benjamin Franklin. A bulkhead is what a sailor calls a wall on a ship. A watertight one does not leak.


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    The Franklin Institute's website has this to say:

    During Ben's lifetime, he made eight voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. These long journeys gave him a lot of time to learn about ships and how they worked. As early as 1784, Franklin suggested following the Chinese model of dividing ships' holds into watertight compartments so that if a leak occurred in one compartment, the water would not spread throughout the hold and sink the ship.
    I can't post the URL, but Google will probably get you there. Ironically, Wikipedia points out that bulkheads on Junks (Chinese sailing vessels) were not totally waterproof. Still, he was headed in the right direction.

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