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Dear all
What's your interpretation for "watery look" in the following context from "The 42nd Parallel" by John Dos Passos.
Time: 1917
Location: a red light district in Mexico City.

Out at San Angel they had some drinks and when they got back to the city they drove round the Pajaritos district. G. H. Barrow got very quiet and his eyes got a watery look when he saw the little lighted cribhouses, each one with a bed and some paperflowers and a crucifix that you could see through the open door, past a red or blue curtain, and the dark quiet Indian girls in short chemises standing outside their doors or sitting on the sill.
Knowing that G.H. Barrow is not a sentimental or soft-hearted guy, does "watery look" eyes of G.H. B. implies that he's been touched and feels sorry for the girls or shows he's excited?
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