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Good morning!

Could you help me with this phrase? I been thinking a lot and I don't get the meaning...

"The cloth of his suit is decently worn and the collar of his shirt is decently clean, and his life stretches ahead of him decently waxing into a solid middle age."

¿Does it mean that he is going to have a solid middle age?


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    Good morning, Karavo.
    Waxing is what the moon does when it grows into a full moon. (When it does the opposite it's waning). So waxing here suggests a slow, gradual, unavoidable transition from one state into another. All those mentions of decent and solid suggest that his life is and always will be very proper, very respectable.


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    ... decently waxing into a solid middle age.
    That is a very strange use of waxing. It's also a rather strange use of decently - though of course as decently has already been used twice this is deliberate.
    When used to refer to a change, waxing ought to mean increasing or growing.

    It means that on the basis of his current habits, the writer expects him to eventually have a solid middle age. Now I wonder what that could be?
    Probably a middle age that is decent :), respectable, unexciting, average and pleasant in a very mundane kind of way.


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    It is analagous to the waxing and waning phases of the moon.

    A waxing moon is when the moon is progressively heading towards becoming full. Here, "solid middle-age" is analagous to a full moon.

    After a full moon, the waning phase begins, where the moon gradually become crescent shaped again (less full), and eventually turns all black.
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