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  1. lorenama Member

    What's means "way over"? Here the phrase, by a man about an other one more intelligent:
    "What's his story? Half the stuff he says goes way over my head. The other half goes way, way over."
  2. pescara Senior Member

    "Way over my head" means far over my head. When somebody says something that is way over my head, it means that I don't understand what he is saying.

  3. Paulfromitaly

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  4. rrose17

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    This is a different meaning. This means he doesn't understand how much difficulty he had gotten himself into and doesn't know how to extricate himself. The one posted by lorenama means it's beyond his comprehension.
    He's saying when this guys talks he either doesn't understand because it's too difficult or he really really doesn't understand.
  5. TimLA

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    We've had a few threads about the use of "way", but there are a few things in your thread that probably make it worth being separate.

    "What's his story?" - is actually idiomatic and can mean "What is he thinking?" "What is he doing?" "What is he all about?" and all VERY ironic.
    I'm not sure of the best way of saying it in Italian, but perhaps something like:
    Che cosa sta pensando?
    Che cosa fa?
    But very ironic.

    Half the stuff he says goes way over my head.
    "goes over my head" means "I don't understand it".
    "goes way over my head" means "I really don't understand it".

    "The other half goes way, way over (my head)" just means "I really, really don't understand it."

    La metà della roba che dice è proprio oltre le mie capacità.
    L'altra metà è sicuramente oltre le mie capacità.
  6. lorenama Member

    Thank you rrose17, I've seen the other post but the different meaning too.
    Yours it's right. Thanks again.

    Thanks, TimLA. You're a genius. I must confess I've not understood all the line, actually.
    Your answer is perfect and useful. (I hope the next episode of LOST will not be so difficult!) :)))
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  7. rrose17

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    Back to Paul's thread I realize the difference is one is (way) over his head and the other is IN (way) over his head. To be in way over your head means the situation is much more difficult than you anticipated and you're in trouble. Both are quite visual idioms actually.
    In over your head is like you're in a hole and the top is over your head.
    When something is over your head the words are flying above your head but not into your brain. Very often this is shown with a hand motion over your head to show it's beyond your comprehension.
  8. Sciltian Member

    Salve, non so il significato del modo di dire "I am way over my head". Suppongo che possa voler dire qualcosa tipo "Sono fuori di testa", ma mi sa di no.

    Un esempio: "I would like to see you again although, I think I am way over my head."

    Forse: "Mi piacerebbe rivederti ancora, anche se penso di essere fuori di testa".

    Mmh. Non mi convince. Idee?
  9. marcolettici Senior Member

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    It means that you are "out of your league," fuori del tuo livello? (Sorry if that doesn't make sense, but I'm just learning.)

    Usually "I'm "in" way over my head."
  10. danalto

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    Di solito significa fuori dalla mia portata, e poi dovresti fornire un contesto.;)
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    L'argomento è stato già trattato più volte, come qui per esempio.

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