1. hoogiesgirl

    hoogiesgirl Senior Member

    The sentence is the following: The rainy day had forced them to stop, seeking shelter in a way-stop along the road

  2. alc112

    alc112 Senior Member

    Concordia, Entre Ríos
    Argentina Spanish
    Quizas se refiere a que hicieron una parada por la lluvia
    No se que dirán los expertos
  3. Leopold

    Leopold Senior Member

    Yo no he encontrado nada al respecto. Pero me imagino que será un área de descanso o algo similar.

  4. Beaver Member

    Cuba, Spanish
    The way I see it, it is like a rest-stop (rest area) in an interstate highway in the U.S.
  5. Artrella Banned


    I couldn't find this compound word, but from the context I guess it's a shelter. It could also be a way-station: a place where people stop to eat and rest when they are on a long journey.

    Bye Art :) ;) :p
  6. cristóbal Senior Member

    I would imagine that would be a good description. I personally don't have much experience with such a phrase as "way-stop" but if I had read it just as such, I would conjure up ideas of a stop along the highway, a rest area, as Beaver suggested.
    Perhaps it depends on the time period we're talking about in order to discern the exact nature of this "way-stop", but anyway, y'all have the right idea. ;)

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