way to wreck the curve, kick-ass

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  1. sunegy

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    "way to wreck the curve, kick-ass"
    source: how i met your mother S02E03"brunch"
    background: i hard this sentence in this episode, but i cant get it clearly
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    Welcome to the forum, Sunegy. :)

    You've given us just a fragment; we need to have the full sentence. We also need context: Who spoke the sentence, and to whom? And what was happening (in your own words) at the time?
  3. sunegy

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    The situation is : when Ted Mosby's parents came to visit him in the presence of both his <girlfriend> "Robin" and his friend "Barney" so "Barney" is a delightful person so he always trying to have fun in front of Ted's parents , so here's the conversation
    << Summary of deleted dialog: Robin says she can't get a reservation at a fancy restaurant ["Casa A Pezzi"]. Barney says he knows a waitress there, so he can get a reservation. >>

    "Robin and Barney at the kitchen"
    Robin: What's the matter with you ?
    I'm his girlfriend and i'm not even trying that hard.
    Way to wreck the curve, kick-ass.
    Barney:Robin, I'm his best friend,that's a commitment.
    girlfriend, that's like a bad flu.
    sorry for lengthiness :)

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  4. owlman5

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    No wonder you find it hard to understand, sunegy.

    Here's what I think it means: Way to wreck the curve, kick-ass. = That's a fine way to make things harder for the rest of us, Kick-ass. (Kick-ass seems to be a nickname here. It would mean "a person who kicks other people's asses in competitions").

    Who said this, sunegy? Was it some woman who was talking to Robin? If my interpretation of the remark is any good, I'd expect this remark to be made by some woman who was talking to Robin and chiding her for making it tough for other women to get or have boyfriends.
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  5. Myridon

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    It's a reference to grading an exam on a curve. See Wikipedia :
    In short, if all the students do badly on the test, they may still get good marks (if all the students get less than 50% of the answers, the students who got 45% to 50% will still get an A). However, if one student does exceptionally well, then that student gets a good grade and all the others get pushed down. The student who did much better than the others "wrecked" the curve.
    Barney's getting the difficult reservation is an extraordinary achievement which makes Robin's ordinary efforts look bad in comparison.
  6. owlman5

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    So Robin is the one who says "Way to wreck the curve, kick-ass" to Barney? (I hate these "snappy banter" questions). :)
  7. gramman

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    >>Kick-ass seems to be a nickname here.

    I keep forgetting to watch this program, so I can't say if this is true. My guess is that kick-ass is used here as an interjection to express sarcastic approval.
    If that is correct, the line would have been written more appropriately as:

    "Way to wreck the curve! Kick-ass!"

    The way to element is related to the idiomatic expression "Way to go!", meaning "You've done a good job." Again, this is said sarcastically here.

    This remark is discussed on a page at phrases.org.uk: Re: 'way to go':
  8. sunegy

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    May I get it as "break a record" but sarcastically
    that someone made something relatively excellent ?
    thanks all :)
  9. waltern Senior Member

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    Is it possible you misheard "kick-ass"? "Kiss-ass" seems more likely to me in this context.
  10. gramman

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  11. owlman5

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    Thanks for the link, gramman. That certainly cleared up my doubts about the odd dialog.

    Hello, sunegy. "Way to ruin the curve" is a sarcastic way of saying that somebody did something that other people will have a hard time competing with. As gramman mentioned, "kick-ass" is wrong. It's "kiss-ass". A "kiss-ass" is an obsequious person.

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