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Please, specify the use and the respective situations in which you would use: rest room, lavatory, toilet, water closet...
Which of them is best when we refer to public places such as institutions, restaurants, etc. I guess that 'bathroom' is preferred when we refer to a house.
thank you
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    Well in somewhere public in BrE you would ask for the Ladies or Gents or possibly Toilets. In someones home you would as for the toilet or loo(if they were friends) also you could ask for the "Little girls/boys room" this is a more humorous way of asking of course :)


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    If you are in the U.S., you would say "Where is the ladies' room?" or "Where are the restrooms?" In someone's home, it would be "May I use your bathroom?"

    But I think there have been many threads on this subject!

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