We are always pounding our fists against our chests

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Please advise, is the underlined part ok? I want to say that we clam to be proud that ...



We are always pounding our fists against our chests and people still believe that Žitný ostrov is our national treasure, the largest reservoir of drinking water in Europe,” Trančíková is annoyed. The fact it that the state has known about the groundwater contamination for almost twenty years, but has not acted.
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    I think you should use 'boasting'. Something like 'We're always boasting about our national treasure ... '.
    'Chest-beating' has different connotations to me, a show of physical strength.
    (It took me a long time to understand what the piece is about, without any introductory context).
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    'Beating the drum' and 'tub-thumping' are phrases for loud and not very sophisticated promotional activity.
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