We are encouraged to grow our own vegetables


England, english
on a encouragé que nous fassions pousser nos propres légumes
Can this mean "We are encouraged to grow our own vegetables". And is it grammatically correct?
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    That's what it seems to mean to me... though it should be "We were encouraged to grow our own vegetables" (as the original text is in the past tense).

    Edit: Ah.. are you asking if the French text is correct? The way you've written your post makes it seem like you are asking for advice on the English text... :/


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    Hello eden27, can you please tell us which is the original sentence? The sentence in the title doesn't seem to be correct in French.


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    Je pense que la phrase française est plutôt nous sommes encouragés à faire pousser nos propres légumes


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    Is there a difference in usage or meaning here between "cultiver" and "faire pousser"?
    Merci d'avance !


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    Generally speaking: on cultive la terre/un terrain/un champ pour y faire pousser des légumes/des fruits/ des fleurs
    "Faire pousser" is often shortened in "faire". "Je fais 5 hectares de pommes de terre"


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    Cultiver is more professional, high volume. If an amateur grows some plants in a few flower pots , faire pousser is OK but cultiver would be excessive.
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