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    Hi :)

    I just wanted to check the construction "we are going to" and whether it takes a preposition or not.

    For example, vamos a ouvir um diálogo, or vamos ouvir? (I was listening to a podcast, and I wasn't sure whether I was hearing a preposition or not!) :)
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    Teguita, regência (collocation) is one of the most difficult things for us, but in this case, we say: vamos ouvir um diálogo.
    We have to consider if the verb is direct or indirect transitive and in case of being indirect, generally most of the dictionaries show which prepositions go with it. See this case of ouvir
    Perceber sons com o ouvido; escutar [td. : Ouviu o vizinho chamar] [int. : Quando o chamam, ele finge não ouvir.]

    Read more: http://aulete.uol.com.br/ouvir#ixzz2a9YYxvNx

    td - transitivo direto= no preposition
  3. Tegs

    Tegs Mód ar líne

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    Great - obrigada Vanda! :)

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