We are specialized in VS We specialize in

Discussion in 'English Only' started by felixwong33, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. felixwong33 Member

    Why should we say "We are specialized in..."? Indeed, we should simply use "We specialize in..."

    We specialize in making dessert. (Not we are specialized in...)

    Any comments?
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    I agree with you. "We specialize in making dessert." (If this is a true statement, please feel free to send some to me. :D )

    I'd never say "we are specialized in ..." That passive form would mean that someone else specialized us in whatever it is, if such a thing were possible. The only time I'd say "we are specialized ..." would be in a context such as "we are specialized manufacturers of small motors," where "specialized" functions as an adjective to qualify "manufacturers."
  3. felixwong33 Member

    Yes! I agree with your example that "specialized" should be used as an adjective. But I think for those who are using "be specialized in" they are treating "specialized" as an adjective rather than passive form. But such usage is dubious. Because "specialized" doesn't serve like "disappointed".
  4. felixwong33 Member

    By the way, I just had some dessert so I used "dessert" as an example.;)

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