we are to

Pavel Pin

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Dr Josh Keyes narrate these words when group of scietist are ready to send ship equipped with biggest weapon to resume the stopped earth core to spinning. Mr. Rat is the hacker who accepted to work for scientist to control the world internet.

Dr Josh Keyes: The objective is simple. The obstacles are gigantic. We're going to need all the help in the world, but if we are to avoid panic and chaos, the world at large can never know what's happening here. Which is where our friend Mr. Rat comes in.

What is the meaning of "we are to"?
Does it mean we choose to?

Source: The Core 2003
  • Edinburgher

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    The meaning is similar to "we must" or "it is necessary for us to".
    It may make more sense to you in the passive ("if panic and chaos are to be avoided").
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