We did this for the show

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    First of all, this thread title should be "We did this for the show" I can't edit the title.
    This is about the Balloon Boy accident hoax, the boy said:"You guys said that, um, we did this for the show."
    On the wikipedia page, somebody translate this to "你们说过,我们这么做是在演一场戏"
    I think this is a bad translation with inaccurate context, it's as if the boy said that his family is acting on a show, not did it for the show.
    So my translation would be "你们说过,我们是为了节目才做。" Or with more context "你们说过,我们是为了电视节目才做。" So I just edited it to my version on wikipedia.
    What do you think?
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  2. SuperXW

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    I think you may be right~
    Although I don't know weather "the show" (节目) indicates exactly "the TV show" (电视节目).
    Without a good understanding of the hoax (I don't know about the hoax), I'll just translate it as "我们这么做是为了表演".
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    You shouldn't say "才做" only, you can say "我们是为了电视节目才做这些事情" or "我们是为了电视节目才这么做"
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    That is also the translation used by most of the Chinese media (e.g., http://www.022net.com/2009/10-19/495161293137910.html).
    电视节目 (TV program) is too specific. There was some ambiguity to the boy's response as to whether "the show" was the video footage being shot by his 10-year-old brother. I would stay true to the ambiguity and avoid context-specific translations like 是在演一场戏 or 为了电视节目才做.

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