We don't give a damn (WWII)

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In his description of resistance activities in Warsaw during WWII, the author mentions 'stickers declaring, “We don’t give a damn”' and then says: 'a direct translation of the Polish idiom is: “We have you deep in our *ss”'. ("The Volunteer", Jack Fairweather)

I would prefer to translate it directly from Polish, so that it doesn't lose its Slavic tone, but I couldn't identify the original idiom. I hope someone can help me.

Thank you in advance!
  • anthox

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    Probably: A my was w dupie mamy.

    Source: "Na afiszach obwieszczających utworzenie Generalnego Gubernatorstwa umieszczano niewielkie, drukowane na ręcznej drukarence nalepki z tekstem: Marszałek Piłsudski powiedziałby: – A my was w dupie mamy."
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