We don't usually have to write too much (conjugation/order)

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  1. Spiky_Roses New Member

    I'm trying to say (as a positive) that 'we don't usually have to write too much' in a lesson.
    So far I've got:
    no solemos nos tener escribir demasiado

    Which is a kind of mash up of phrases and I don't think the conjugations or word order are correct.
    How would you say this?

  2. Andoush

    Andoush Senior Member

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    Spanish (Argentina)
    Te propongo: "en general, no hace falta escribir demasiado" o "generalmente, no escribimos mucho".
  3. blasita

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    Yours would be e.g.: No solemos tener que escribir demasiado/mucho (en clase).

    But I'd say it as Andoush or, for example: Normalmente no tenemos que/no nos hace falta escribir mucho (en clase).

  4. donbeto

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    Yes, the nice thing about soler this wayis that you get to follow it with an infinitive. But if it sounds better without it in this case, fine.
  5. Spiky_Roses New Member

    Thanks for the help :)

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